Our services

Original music and mixing

We write, arrange and mix music for all kind of genre (orchestral mock-ups, rock, electronic, advertising jingles...). We specialize in branded contents and ads, together with soundtracks for films, short movies, tv, theater and art installations.  We collaborate with artists on their productions and final mixes.

Audio post-production

We manage the entire process of audio post-production. Thanks to our experience in the field, we collect hints, needs and feedbacks from the agency, the client, the director synthesizing all the information and giving back the best product with the right mastering specs.

Audio restoration and repair

We optimize every kind of noisy audio clip with the industry standard Izotope RX.


Online lessons and short courses about music production, audio post-production, film scoring and composing for advertising, tv and videogames. We have certified Studio One teachers and offer educational discounts.

Beta-test and reviews

We facilitate the sales of new products in the pro audio business, supporting the launch on the market with articles and video reviews showcasing plugins, softwares, effects and instruments. We also offer beta-testing on Windows.

Mobile app and gaming

We make royalty free music and sound design for videogames and mobile apps with FMOD and Unity.